Come to Lost Recording Studio and record great sounding music in acoustically treated rooms designed by professional sound engineers with advanced construction like floating floors and mass loaded vinyl insulation for total sound isolation between rooms. Even the shape and sizes of the walls are designed to make everything sound fuller and balanced across the frequency spectrum.


Lost Recording Studio offers only the best audio equipment in the world to bring your music to life. Featuring an analog Solid State Logic console and analog preamps from brands like API, SSL and Neve, and dozens of high quality microphones, we have all the tools that you need to get a professional sound.


Artists will also have full access to our in-house gear such as a maple DW Collector’s Series drum set and vintage guitar amps. We also have a Hammond A100 organ, an electric piano, an analog synthesizer, a Fender P-Bass, a Yamaha 12-string guitar, and a Martin 6-string acoustic.


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