Record high fidelity audio in a 1000 sq ft. acoustically treated live room designed by professional sound engineers with advanced construction like floating floors and double walls for total sound isolation between rooms. Even the shape and sizes of the walls are designed to make everything sound fuller and balanced across the frequency spectrum.
Lost Recording Studio offers a state-of-the-art system to make tracking a breeze by utilizing personal monitor mixers in our beautiful sounding 12’ 6” tall live room. This saves you money in the process of recording because you can have full access to the volume of every instrument.

Artists will also have full access to our in-house gear such as a DW Collector’s Series drum set with vintage Zildjian cymbals. Guitar amps like a vintage Fender Twin Reverb or a 1962 Gibson Falcon. We also have an electric piano, an analog synthesizer, a Washburn 4-string bass guitar, and an acoustic 12-string guitar.


Get your music mixed by professional engineers to prepare your track to be mastered. They will use a mixture of creativity and industry standard mixing techniques to produce music that not only sounds good but feels real and natural. Your tracks will be ran through high quality signal chains that include all types of compressors, equalizers, de-essers, exciters, tape machines, ambient effects, and an endless bag of tools to make your music sound its absolute best.


Get your music ready for a global release at radio quality. Our mastering engineers will not only add the finishing touch to your song but will bring life and color to your music for the world to hear. Mastering is the preparation process to make the stereo recording of your single, EP, or LP fully balanced for a commercial release.

The most important part about mastering music is the room that it’s done in. Lost Recording Studio’s control room has 9 ft ceilings and divergent walls with professionally engineered acoustic treatment to provide sonic balance that is crucial for both mixing and mastering.


Get any type of audio from podcasts, videos, old tapes, etc to remove buzzes, hums, scratches, and to make the sound more audible. We can also convert any type of audio like cassettes to MP3.