We have invested a great deal in very high quality recording equipment to get you the sound you need. Here’s a list of our gear!

  • Console: analog SSL XL Desk, made in Oxford, England.
  • Control room monitors: Focal Shape Twin (pair) with 10″ sub woofer
  • Converter: Lynx Aurora(n) – Thunderbolt to iMac
  • DAW: Pro Tools and Studio One
  • Wide selection of high end microphones from brands like Neumann, Sennheiser, sE, Shure and Aston
  • Preamps: SSL VHD (8), API 512c (4), Neve Shelford Channel (2), Warm Audio WA-76EQ
  • Acoustically treated rooms built with mass loaded vinyl for premium sound isolation
  • Monitoring headphones: Shure SRH1540, AKG tracking headphones (total of 6 headphones)
  • Pianos: 1964 Hammond B3 organ, Casio Privia with weighted keys, Korg Minilogue synthesizer
  • Acoustic Guitars: Martin X-Series, Yamaha 12-string
  • Amps: 1962 Gibson Falcon, 1975 Fender Twin, Marshal DSL40C, 1975 Ampeg Bass amp, Vox VT100X
  • Drums: DW Collector’s Series (maple) with vintage zildjian cymbals and Remo Emperor vintage coated heads. Drum dimensions: 14×7″ snare, 24″ bass drum. 12″ rack tom, 14″ and 16″ floor toms. Two 18″ crashes and 20″ ride.

House Gear