Here Is What I Think of Home Studios

We have a major studio and we encourage everyone to start out on a home studio of some kind. This way you get the feel of recording yourself and understanding how the process works.

The industry is flooded with home recordings, especially with all the free sites that you can send your song to. Professional people recognize professional people. Why would you waste your valuable time as an artist to try and keep making something sound good when there are professionals who can help you.

Recording music is an art. It’s not only in the equipment, but also in the acoustically treated rooms that gives you that sweet sound that you hear on major productions.

Yes, the cost of studios have dropped in price because of how efficient modern technology is. Digital audio workstations (DAW) are much faster than tape machines. Artist repertoire (A&R) professionals tell us they do not take home recordings seriously, therefore do not listen to your song.

There will always be recording studios for professionals.

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