Lost Recording Studio is constantly looking for new regional and national artists to promote and record their music. From left, Ron Wheeler, owner and operator, and his son, Derek. P-J photo by William Mohan

As a second-generation musician, Ron Wheeler thought he had retired.

During his career, he had a song in radio rotation and toured extensively. But when he moved to Jamestown, his son, Derek, and a local business convinced him to do otherwise.

With his son’s help, Wheeler formed Lost Recording Studio. The goal was to help area and national musicians record and promote themselves. At the same time, the duo also wanted to support and utilize local businesses in building the studio.

The key motivation was the lack of a regional recording studio supporting local musicians. In trying to find one, Wheeler recognized the demand in Jamestown. He was surprised that for the city’s size there was no recording studio accommodating the need. Wheeler also talked to staff at Chautauqua Music and heard the same thing.

Armed with this knowledge, Wheeler came to the conclusion that the need to promote and distribute musicians was alive and well in Jamestown.

“For as much musical talent, it didn’t weigh out the same,” he said.

More often than not, artists would seek one of the many studios in Buffalo and elsewhere.

With this in mind, the Wheelers set out to create a local studio designed for professional recording.

Wheeler has put upwards of $150,000 into the former chapel at First Congregational Church. The result was a state-of-the-art studio catering to local and visiting musicians. Among the many achievements are acoustically designed and treated sound rooms, high quality sound boards and microphones, and the best musical instruments. Artists can also digitally choose artist demos, genres and instruments for their recordings. This is especially beneficial as it allows musicians to test audio of other performers and decide their preferences.

While Lost Recording opens its doors to all local artists, many out-of-town musicians have taken advantage too. As the only studio in Jamestown, the Wheelers go all in to support their clients. Lost Recording searches as far as 80 miles away from Jamestown. In measuring success, Lost Recording is willing to support and produce any musicians that has potential.

In particular, Wheeler said, “I go as far as I can go whether you have money or not.”

Their work has produced some promising results both regionally and out of state. One area artist is trying for American Idol. A client from Atlanta has also utilized Lost Recording and Wheeler’s expertise.

There is only one goal Wheeler seeks when he is finished with every recording session and that is artists with the best quality get the recognition deserved.

Lost Recording is also providing lodging for out of town artists on Chautauqua Lake. This allows travelling musicians to rest from either recording or travelling. Another plus for musicians is that the Wheelers don’t ask for royalties when they produce. Area artists will also be pleased to know most of the studio has been built utilizing local businesses.

To arrange a session, call 338-3826 or visit from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or go to

Lost Recording Studio is located at 316 E. Fourth St., Jamestown

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