What We Do

We are a professional, state-of-the-art recording studio that believes that everyone should have the opportunity for a professional career. We offer high quality recording, mixing and mastering services at a price that allows everyone to experience what it’s like to have a radio-quality song or record. Our audio engineers and producers combine their skills and creativity to put the power of music in your hands. We want to inspire you and accelerate your career in music.

Who We Are

Lost Recording Studio is family owned and located at the Spire Theater in Jamestown, NY. Not only is it a historic piece of architecture, but also a hub for local artists of all disciplines. It’s founders, Ron, Kate and Derek love art of all types and have decades of experience from writing and performing music to live sound production. They are here to provide you access to a high quality but affordable music studio whether you are a new or experienced musician. Read more…

Why Use Us

As technology becomes more accessible, more musicians are able to record their music at home but there’s usually one fundamental problem; it still doesn’t sound professional. If you put a song from the radio and a home recording side by side, you can tell right away which one is which. Our dedicated engineers know what it takes to make a professional sounding record which lets you focus on the art and the energy behind the song, rather than pulling your hair out turning knobs for days.

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